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Team Nigro 2007

It is official! - March 15, 2008

That's right folks; we can finally close out the 2007 Race Season. The 2007 Awards Banquet was held on March 8th and Team Nigro came away with some “Gold”. Below are the awards that were won by our team;

International Racing Association
Saturday: Ron Nigro – 1st (Unlimited #1); Ronni Jo Nigro – 6th (Tag Cadet #1); Nicole Nigro – 7th (Tag Cadet #1)
Sunday: Ron Nigro – 1st (Unlimited #2); Ronni Jo Nigro – 6th (Tag Cadet #2); Nicole Nigro – 7th (Tag Cadet #2)

River Valley Kart Club
Saturday: Ron Nigro – 1st (Unlimited #1); Ronni Jo Nigro – 1st (Tag Cadet #1); Nicole Nigro – 2nd (Tag Cadet #1)
Sunday: Ron Nigro – 1st (Unlimited #2); Ronni Jo Nigro – 2nd (Tag Cadet #2); Nicole Nigro – 1st (Tag Cadet #2)

Congratulations to all the drivers in the 2007 series. The 2008 series begins on April 11th at Gateway which is less than a month away. We are all looking forward to it, see you there!

T-minus 10 days to Gateway - April 1, 2008

Only ten days left before the opening of the Championship Enduro Series at Gateway International Raceway. Team Nigro has been busy during the off season making plans to ensure that this 2008 will be a great one.

Ron and his girls, Nicole and Ronni Jo, are very excited about this season. Ron is going to be racing with the USSK this year if his busy schedule will allow it. His “Rocket Kart” (green, purple and orange) should be ready to go soon and we hope to get his second 250 up and running in the coming weeks. Nicole will be moving up classes this year also and we expect her to tear up the track. Ronni Jo is going to have some modifications done to her motor and should be faster than last year.

John is moving up to 125 Shifters and a kart needed to be purchased / setup. Huge thanks to Joe Sturm for helping us out in that department. John’s oldest daughter Loryn will be joining Team Nigro full time this year and will be participating in the SSX Can division. She is really excited and hopefully she will get some homework done between races. John’s youngest Jessica will be able to race this year but we are unsure of how many races she can attend due to schedules.     (Read More)